Is Agile safe?

Not everyone will think so.

When you introduce agile ways of working – or any other framework – in your organization, #changemanagement enables you to make the introduction sensible and the implementation sustainable. It’s how you anchor ownership.

Every change starts with soulsearching – what’s the true reason we want to do this? What is the value we gain, as an organization, for the individuals involved, for society at large?

If you can’t spot value: Stop. Listen. Rethink.

If you identify value, go ahead. Craft your project/implementation plan. Bring in the coaches, scrum masters, and product owners. Enable your people.

Communicate and listen.

It is likely to be a major overhaul of how people work and collaborate. You need to prepare them for that – both in body, mind, and soul.

You need to have a compelling and relatable vision for where the change will take you, paired with a realistic view of how difficult it will be to reach the desired state, and a well thought through plan for how to make it happen.

A plan that individuals can see themselves in, so they understand what will happen to their job and how they will gain the skills to operate in a changed world. A plan that addresses their uncertainties.


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