I’m different!

Do we need to consider cultural differences when it comes to change?

Yes, just as much as we need to consider other differences. As humans, we are individuals that are different. But we likely have more in common than what sets us apart.

Let’s focus on the commonalities while savouring the differences.

At #acmpconnectProsci had put together a global panel on “Change Leadership: Trends, Traps and Takeaways”, where change across cultures or in multi-cultural settings was discussed.

The great thing about attending a conference such as this is that I get new insights and inspiration, while I also tend to some of my pet peeves. This panel debate did both 😀

Krzysztof Ogonowski stated that we can achieve great results building on our similarities, but also that “on difference we build our success”. I’ve met Krzysztof on his home turf in Poland and he’s a wise change guru.

My home country of Denmark was represented by Anna Balk-Møller of proacteur (soon to be Nexum), who said “stereotyping makes very little sense outside your own perspective” – ponder that for a bit, will you.


PS I know this drawing does not portray diversity, that’s part of the message and hence a conscious choice I made.


Flere tanker

3 timer tættere på 10.000!

Man skal øve sig, også selv om man ikke har perfektion som mål 😉 I har måske opdaget at jeg er begyndt at tegne… og

Vælg værktøj med omhu!

Det er ikke alle forandringer, der skal køres i hus med den fulde palette af forhåndenværende koncepter, modeller og forandringsteorier. Nogle gange har I brug

“Be gone!”

Those are the words of Betty from Bruderheim. Expressed when she faces change in her workday. Fortunately, Betty is fictional. She’s a persona, developed to