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Assess… what?

Do Change Impact Assessments give you actionable knowledge? At #acmpconnect (on-going Change Management conference, moved from Anaheim, CA to online) Saketh Chinni and Wayne Burkan challenged this in their live session “Mastering Change by Breaking the OCM Mold” – where they also questioned other parts of “standard” Change Management approaches in a refreshing and, for some, […]

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Who changes? Everyone!

Remember that time when the change just went smoothly…? No? 🙈 Do you then remember that time when the executive sponsor didn’t really pull their weight and understand their role? Yes? 🙊 Having senior executives spearhead change efforts is ingrained in many of the models/structures/approaches used in Change Management. For […]

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It takes courage…

That boss… he has to get on the wagon. And preferably sit in the front one! It’s just that he doesn’t have time nor skills, he thinks. It is my duty to equip the sponsors in the organization, so they’re able to lift the responsibility it is to be spearheading […]

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