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People don’t abide by a constructed organizational chart.

As in The Emperors’ New Clothes all it takes is one person who yells “but he hasn’t got anything on” – and if it’s the right person who yells it, everyone else will listen.

So the change you are about to kick-start better be “bullshit-proof”… does the change in itself make sense? Does the way in which you present it?

That is, outside the closed circles in which the change was defined and the course for realizing it was chartered?

Did you listen enough to the organization, do you know what will happen? What is needed? What messages you need to convey?

Some changes are easier to communicate than others. Some are up-hill from the get-go – as in; we will gather all administration tasks centrally and let go of your local colleagues, to serve you better…

The decision has probably been made. The question is how you make it relevant and desirable – and objectively the right decision – to the whole organization.

That takes a Change strategy. A common message that makes sense for you in the leadership and for the people in your organization. A why and a clear how.

I takes leadership – and Change Management.

Get going!


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