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You have to practise, even if the end-goal isn’t perfection 😉

You may have noticed that I like to draw… I really enjoy it. It gives me another way of reflecting on thoughts and impressions. Sometimes I also share my drawings with you here, and hopefully that sparks some thoughts your end as well?

I’ve been told it takes 10,000 hours of practise to become good at something. Today, in the capable hands of Marie Rohrsted from www.TalkingStrokes.com, I came three hours close to being good at drawing – in a graphic facilitation kinda way 😀

That means I’m only some 8,000 hours behind…

Then again, Picasso also started somewhere and I don’t believe he ever mastered meeting- and workshop facilitation at the level I’ve already achieved. And I’ll never repaint Guernica using my stick-men. So guess we’re even 😀

What are you practising these days?


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