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Not every change initiative needs to be driven home using the full selection of available concepts, models and change management theories.

Some simply need a hammer and a nail 🔨

Some need the full array of battery powered power tools ⚡

Most importantly; consider it – what is required for this change? Is it to create some sort of overview, by making a strategy for implementing the change? Is it to assess where in the organization the change will change daily routines the most? Are we facing a change in culture, ways of collaboration, processes, IT-tools – or a combination of all of the above?

Remember – if it’s difficult, help is at hand. I can help you review your change initiative, so you won’t end up forcing it through by brute force, because you ended up picking the hammer, where the screwdriver would have been the matching tool.

That way, you’ll not get lost in Excel-based plans and PowerPoints, if what you really need is a poster and a talk.

If there’s room for more tool talk, please share your own DIY stories from the changes you’ve experienced…


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