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We did something new when developing a new customer service strategy in Maersk Line: We asked for help to put the puzzle together.

We realized (and accepted) that the world – especially when it came to customers – was bigger outside the Danish headquarters of Maersk Line, and that the countries individually lacked the same global overview that we had in the head office.

Centrally we had the four corners and a fair share of the pieces that made up the frame of the new strategy and our goal: focus on customer needs more than our internal processess, still in an efficient way.

In the country organizations, they had a lot of the other pieces, because that’s where the interaction with customers took place. They knew the challenges and needs of our customers.

And then there were the pieces none of us had.

When we started out. Because we found them. Together.

Nobody held onto their own pieces for dear life, without daring to share. Because we had built trust between the head office and the countries.

We embraced the work with an open mind and the desire to create something new. In a world where knowledge was not power, but a piece in the big puzzle we were putting together. Jointly.

If you jointly put the puzzle together, putting in that last piece also becomes a joint celebration of success!

Shout out to my fellow care-bears on this journey: Johnny og Carsten.


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