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“Corona has showns us that we don’t need Change Management…”

No. That’s not what we’ve learned from the sudden change imposed on us by the Corona lock-down.

Corona has required us to execute known tasks in a new environment: cubicle inhabitants and consultants now find themselves in a corner of their living room, surrounded by toddlers and teddy bears; nurses run faster than ever, now fully equipped in virus-deflecting gear; check-out clerks beep groceries past the scanner, now behind a acrylic shields.

Those are all known tasks. We have the ability to execute them. We don’t need a big WHY. Nor a course or a training-environment. We know WHAT and HOW. That’s our focus in these trying times.

We have learnt that not all change can be planned for. But it still takes leadership and change management.

Not as a result of translating a strategy process into plans that allow us to turn the high-level complex into daily execution.

It took trust-based leadership and a clear direction – which have always been cornerstones of good change.

In Denmark the pressure is easing and I hope that will soon be the case around the world. Spread of the disease is decreasing here. We are still taking our precautions. We are learning to live with Corona being present.

Organizations go back to work, still partly remote. That means change is again coming, the planned kind that requires us to understand why, what, and how. Because it’s not about doing what we already know.

So I’ll argue that Change Management is surviving Corona – or do you feel like implementing your next ERP system or company-wide restructuring “Corona style”?


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