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In 1980 Swedish band ABBA had a hit song with “The winner takes it all”. That’s 40 years ago. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

I saw an inspiring presentation yesterday on a Danish company’s journey away from old ways and structures, into a new way of organizing. Gone were more than 50 titles. The organization had been flattened a lot. Had become more self-governing. Experimenting.

To a change management nerd like me, it sounded very exciting.

I’m not sure it’s been as exciting living the change. Especially not for the middle managers who have lived their professional life in a political game, where knowledge was power and the only way was up, up, up. Often at the expense of others.

If you’ve lived in that reality, how do you embrace the new rules? We don’t yet have the red pill that pulls the veil from our eyes and reveal a new reality. We don’t have an efficient demolition man, who with one blow can destroy the old structure for all of us.

That’s why the agile transformation is a long and winding road that it takes time to travel.

Because the new rules… we write up as we play the game and learn.


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