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Everyone hated it. The contract repository system 😡

That is, until we replaced it…

It became my last job with Maersk Line: make the world fall in love with our replacement for the old system. We involved the right people, those who worked with the system and the processes on a daily basis. We built our vision for the perfect future process. We found the IT solution to support that vision.

But the old system would surely have blushed, if it had heard all the love and trust expressed when I traveled the world with the message “new solution is coming!” 😊

It’s deeply rooted in us, the fear of letting go of what we know. To step into unknown territory, without knowing if we’re able to navigate. It it’s full of traps. If we’ll get lost. If we will lose something we had.

That’s why Change Management is not only about embracing all the new, shiny, and exciting. It’s also about closing the door to the old behind us.

Taking it to the extreme, you can go all Marie Kondo: take the old system, the old processes, the old org-chart and put it to your chest, hug it and tell it: “you no longer spark joy” – and then put it in the pile for recycling.

Have you made use of ceremonial farewells?


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