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We all sat around the screen and the conference phone, it was after hours in Singapore. A global announcement was made. We knew change was coming.

A new organization was presented. We looked… where was the Area layer that we were part of?

It was gone.

At Director level, heading the department of 40+ talents from the countries making up the Area, I knew nothing. No heads-up. No preparing me for the change I was about to lead.

We had five months to close down and transfer tasks and knowledge to other departments – while keeping operations running, and securing everyone new positions.

We kept it professional in the office. We delivered until the end.

Part of our motivational fuel: karaoke nights. Booking large karaoke rooms, complete with stages and light, drinks, and snacks.

Everyone, from Director to trainee belching out songs in English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa, and more… some with more artistic flair than others!

Always finishing with “We are the Champions”, for the we’re in this togethter feeling that stuck with us into the next day in the office.

My biggest challenge as a leader. I still recall it when I hear Queen play. Thank you SEALINRTM team 🙏


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