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Stakeholder Management is a key discipline when it comes to larger scale change. Time and energy is put into predicting, how different parts of the organization will react to the change.

And that makes good sense.

It’s important to know, what the change means and it’s important to remember that it will mean something different around the organization (and for each individual employee).

Knowing that, the implementation of change can be planned in a way that makes it as smooth as possible for as many people as possible.

A common pitfall in making the stakeholder groups visible is, that what we see we want to address. Even if it doesn’t make sense from a resource perspective.

That is: some small groups may simply require too much energy to get on board the change. So the best approach could be to get the majority engaged and leave the minority be – for the time being.

Then we will later reassess how to get the small group on board. Will they be convinced when they see the majority adapting? Are they in lack of a visible sponsor? Should they be fired? Is additional training the way forward? Or cake?

We don’t necessarily know that from the outset – we know they’re there and that we will look at them. Later.

Did you ever save a stakeholder group for last?


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