The 70% Myth

Mythbusting… a discipline in any profession?

I try to find the balance between being provocative and constructive in my posts, so you hopefully find them useful and worth your time.

At times I debunk what I see as the common norm within #changemanagement and I believe that is a discipline honed by members of any profession? Pointing at those before us and stating how we would do it differently or better?

Some myths have to go and the more times they’re debunked, the better.

The myth of “70% of projects fail” is one of them.

A number of people have done it already, Morten Münster being one of them (in Danish:

At #acmpconnect, Ed Cook, PhD gave his talk “Myth Busting that 70% of Change Initiatives Fail” – not only about why the 70% failure rate is a myth, but also why that is leading to a negative bias towards change. If it fails anyway, then why do it, or why spend extra effort on making it a good change…?

I like myth-busters, the more the merrier 😀👏🏻


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“Be gone!”

Those are the words of Betty from Bruderheim. Expressed when she faces change in her workday. Fortunately, Betty is fictional. She’s a persona, developed to