It’s not about you. But it is.

To connect to others, you need to ground yourself and be in a state where you can show empathy for the situation of other people.

Remember that many things may influence how people you interact with react to you or your request. We know this as “having a bad day” – some have more of those than others…

Remember that these reactions are not (necessarily) due to what you ask or bring. Understand the vantage point of the person you interact with.

Show empathy, relate. That way you are able to progress.

I was just introduced to the term “Social Expertness” in a talk at #acmpconnect by Janele Lynn and Joe Ranzau titled “Change and Emotional Intelligence Leadership – A Path to Influence” and that’s a concept I’ll dig into more.

Because change is about people changing behaviour. Working with people is about connecting.
And connecting with empathy is just so much easier 😀

Have you worked with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as part of change or in leadership?

What is your experience?


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